WinGet – behind the scenes (English video)

I delivered a session about the AppInstaller/CLI aka WinGet for the Dutch PowerShell UserGroup (DuPSUG) in April 2022.

You will find the mentioned interview with Keivan Beigi in any podcatcher app and also on the Sliding Windows website (

Code examples and slides are available in the Github repo.

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Chapters and timestamps

00:00:00 Introduction by Jaap Brasser
00:03:42 about_Session
00:09:41 Demo A: AppInstaller/Winget Basics
00:22:15 Group discussion: AppInstaller versioning
00:24:18 Modern apps
00:29:03 Demo B: Notepad++, modern app deployment
00:42:53 Group discussion: AppExec links
00:52:20 WinGet in action
01:16:10 Group discussion: State of the AppInstallerCLI/WinGet
01:31:50 about_Origins
01:37:09 Group discussion: History and future of WinGet